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Moving overseas is definitely an important and exciting experience as it often signifies a beginning of new phase of one's life. We know how relevant it is for you to have the belongings of your entire life moved safely over several hundred kilometres of journey. We offer a reliable and affordable door to door Crawley international shipping service for individuals, families as well as companies.

  • Delivering equipment in containers

    Whether you need to move a full apartment / house / company worth of belongings, several pieces of furniture or boxes, or a single item, within Europe from Crawley or between continents, we will help you find an option which best fits your budget and requirements as well as minimises disruption to your family or company. An unmatched customer service and expertise of our shipping companies Crawley will help you plan your international moving from Crawley to Australia or USA in a detailed manner and offer you advice on customs, taxes as well as other relevant shipping documents you may need in case of moving from Crawley to Europe or worldwide moving from Crawley to Canada or New Zealand. Shipping from Crawley of your every-day use belongings is now simple and affordable. An international removal is a cumbersome undertaking that requires an extremely careful planning, and a stringent following of the schedule. There is no place for delays or missing some items, as both homes - your previous location and the new one - are miles away from each other. Organising such a big and distant overseas shipping from Crawley to UAE or South Africa involves a lot of time, devotion and also entails stress for an inexperienced person, especially if it is your first experience with shipping Crawley.

If you are not sure you are able to overcome all this stress and possible problems connected with a worldwide shipping from Crawley to New York, Toronto, Sydney or any other city in the world, or you just feel you are not that well-organised person, we strongly recommend entrusting the move to professionals, who deal with house removals Crawley internationally as a daily routine. There is no international shipping that is too big or too small for us, regardless of your needs, we will take care of it! As part of service offered by shipping companies Crawley, except for the transportation of the goods itself, you will get assistance in preparing all the documents necessary for moving abroad, such as waybills, authorisations and documents exempting from customs duties and taxes. We organise a worldwide shipping of furniture, electronic equipment, home appliances, musical instruments, as well as pieces of art and antiques, etc. Depending on what you are going to move, your destination, amount of money you are ready to spend on the move, also how soon you want to have your goods at the new place, to name a few, we will help you choose the perfect solution between the services of road transport, sea shipping or air freight Crawley services. Such a manifold of things to consider makes it problematic to choose an ideal method of transport for a person who has not moved before. As for there is no method that is a way better than another one, each European move or overseas move should be considered individually and should be strictly tailored to the customer's requirements. For instance, when the delivery time is of the greatest importance, because there is a company that needs to be running in the new location within 2 next weeks, an air freight from Crawley seems to be a perfect solution. However, when the budget is rather tight and you are fine that it takes two months for your goods to arrive at destination, sea shipping Crawley instead of air freight shall be taken into consideration. We too prepare express pallet removal from Crawley to any place.

International moving Crawley

We do not only offer advice as per the best mode of transport for your international shipping, but also ensure a whole range of activities to provide our customers with a comprehensive service from the beginning to the end of the process. You can be sure that once you decide to hire/use our shipping Crawley services, will provide our support and help at every stage of the process of the overseas move. As part of our services, we can professionally pack your goods so that you can rest assured that they will be perfectly safe in a days' or months' long travel, or we can provide you with high-quality cardboard boxes selected for the types of goods you are going to move. You can pack your items on your own then and lower the total cost of the shipping at the same time. The scope of our international movers Crawley always includes loading and professional securing of the load in the vehicle. Having transported the items overseas, we will unload them and bring them into respective rooms of your new house according to the instructions. At your discretion, we can also disassemble and reassemble your furniture.

Among our services you can get:
  • free quote and preparation of an offer; do you wonder how to find perfect and cheap shipping company in Crawley? Complete our online form and compare international shipping companies.
  • drawing up the moving schedule;
  • drawing up a list of necessary documents and inventory; don't you know what documents are necessary for moving overseas? We will sort it out for you.
  • providing an insurance;
  • protection of rooms and communication routes;
  • packing service;
  • disassembly and/or reassembly of furniture; would you like to know how to prepare furniture for an international shipping? No worries, we exactly know what to do to move overseas your belongings safely.
  • documentation/files packing and marking;
  • loading and securing the goods for transport;
  • transportation of any kind of goods, be it individual boxes / pieces of furniture or a whole house worth of belongings;
  • storage;
  • unloading at delivery;
  • disposal of moving materials having unpacked the goods.

We are proud of our ability to coordinate even the most demanding European moving from Crawley to Germany, France, Spain or worldwide destinations of personal effects in a manner tailored to the needs of our customers:

Shipping Crawley

In most cases this option is the most economical one, provided that you have no time constrains. Depending on the size of shipment, you can choose either to fill an entire container or to share a container with another load. Dedicated container shipping is usually more expensive, but takes considerably less time. Whereas Crawley shared container service is more cost-effective, it involves waiting so as the container is filled with appropriately matching load, and organise a few deliveries form one container. One needs to take into account that during an international maritime shipping, regardless if it's a FLC (full container load) or LCL (less-than-container load, groupage), the items will suffer temperature changes, humidity and movement, that is why proper packing and loading of the goods is of great importance. A budget-friendly and safe option for relocatees who move abroad and have no time pressure. Advisable for overseas moving from Crawley to Canada, Qatar, USA, Chicago, San Francisco, Auckland, etc.

Planning global transport

Express European Moving

Road transportation from Crawley is a perfect solution for moving from Crawley to mainland Europe and areas not served by air freight or sea freight. Our specialist fleet provides a flexible schedule of removals and door to door pallet delivery from Crawley . You can choose either a dedicated vehicle/van from Crawley that is assigned solely to your consignment and it is up to you when your goods will be loaded, dispatched and delivered. This way a complete flexibility is provided and it is possible to meet your individual requirements, especially those time-specific ones. Moreover, if you hire a dedicated van from Crawley, it allows you to decide at the moment of packing what you are going to move. In the case that you organise your move in a hurry and do not have time to consider in advance which pieces of furniture will go with you to the new location, there are no restrictions as per the items that you can load on the vehicle as long as they do not exceed the payload. It is up to you whether your goods take up a full vehicle or a half of its space. If you are looking for a more cost-effective delivery services from Crawley to Norway, Poland, Portugal,Warsaw, Berlin, Paris or cheap overseas move, you can share a vehicle with other clients. In this option, we agree a specific time window for the delivery in advance, and confirm the exact delivery date prior to its departure. Usually, a shared van takes a bit longer than a dedicated option, as it involves storing smaller shipments to be combined together to completely fill the trailer with goods going to the same or similar direction of an abroad move.

Crawley Air Freight

Definitely the most expensive method, but also the quickest one and recommended for any urgent deliveries of rather small size, generally speaking. One can choose the air freight service from Crawley to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA as an additional service to surface (sea or road) transport to dispatch the most essential items of first need to the new location while waiting a few weeks for the rest of the consignment. Air shipping is not so when moving from Crawley to Italy, Croatia, Finland, Denmark as the surface shipping is quick and convenient there.

  • International removals and storing

    Baggage shipping Crawley

    Additionally, we offer a service of excess luggage shipping in Crawley. If you are going on holidays or want to visit a friend in another country and need to take couple of heavy suitcases, such an undertaking may be a real nightmare! If you do not wish to find yourself fighting your way through a crowded airport, biting your nails while worrying whether the airline won't lose your baggage, let us help you with your Crawley excess luggage shipping needs. You do not have resign from taking some of your belongings with you because they do not fit into the specifically sized suitcase required at the airport. While moving overseas for whatever reason, just do the packing as you usually do, take anything you want, provide us with a reasonable notice period, and we will appear at the agreed time at your door, and deliver your extra baggage from Crawley to the destination before you even manage to get there. There is no risk that your luggage will get lost or damaged as a result of continuous transfers between planes during the air shipping from Crawley. We also specialise in shipping extra baggage from Crawley which is bulky or oddly shaped such as bicycles, skis, golf clubs, snowboard, etc. We guarantee a complete safety of your goods, and a timely delivery so that your belongings will be waiting for you at the destination and will be in a perfect condition.

Customer Testimonials

My gas technician was hauling transferring wares from Crawley to Rutherglen in Australia. The most affordable price estimate has been £925. Hallelujah!

Mrs. S. Dutson

I'm delighted with the okay solutions one more time - express, costless and highly useful. Crawley relocation firm which I examined via your webiste was great.

B. Derksen

This could be a quite wonderful search engine! Our colleague is tempted to be sending just the big everyday-use movables from Crawley to Ekuphumleni in South Africa, a couple of: android tablet, 5" x 3, packing boxes for sale and jewelry accessory. Our family have obtained the delivery prices within half an hour.


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