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Office removals is a far more complicated task than an ordinary house removals Crawley as it requires planning with almost military precision in order to take into account possible downtime to your business and minimise it. While you take care of choosing the best place for your new location from the perspective of your business, let us take care of your office removals London from a technical perspective. If you are not sure how to organise business removals in London, when is the best time to undertake office removals, how to assess the size of commercial removals, how to move office furniture and equipment in London area, which are often quite valuable, let an experienced estimator pay you a visit. During a free on-site survey, a reliable expert of London office removals companies will answer any question, discuss every single detail of a potential office moving London, and assess what is the cost of office removals in London.

  • Removal to new business
    Flexible office moving solutions for your company

    We specialise in removals of the whole branches of great companies, as well as in small commercial moving. Our offer of business removals Crawley is dedicated to customers willing to move schools, school libraries, universities, warehouses, banks, insurance companies, lawyers' offices, as well as factories with whole production lines, to name a few. We will do your commercial removals Crawley as per your individual needs and instructions. Our services include removal of an entire office or partial office removals in Crawley locally, nationally or even abroad. Moreover, we offer internal business removals that consist in removal of all office contents or only selected items within one building. As part of our offer we can arrange your new space in a way it reflects the set-up of the previous office to the maximum possible extent, or we can completely redesign the new space according to your preferences. Extensive knowledge and expertise of professional commercial removal companies Crawley will relocate your office to maximally keep your business in operation, regardless of the size of your office and number and type of office equipment to be moved. Dedicated office removal service will guarantee a safe and efficient Crawley business relocation allowing to resume operation as soon as possible, preventing unexpected interruptions and unnecessary outage. Crawley office removals companies will take professional care of your office furniture and equipment, documents, work stations, computers, folders, servers, etc. from the stage of planning to the stage of rearranging them in your new location. We also undertake installing whiteboards and screens in the new office. Let experienced office movers Crawley oversee every detail by planning your relocation around your needs and requirements, dismantling furniture and equipment, packing and transporting to the delivery location smoothly, efficiently and safely. It's a type of job where hiring cheap man and van Crawley team might not be the best idea.

  • Relocating her desk contents

    Business removals Crawley?

    Change of company's location is an important and exciting event for your company. It is often a sign of improvement and development of your company and of the strive to serve the customers better. But it also involves a whole lot of changes and obstacles. It always carries the risk of downtime to your business and organisational chaos. We exactly know what to do to avoid it, therefore careful planning and keeping deadlines, as well as cost control is our top priority. We make every effort to foresee any possible problem that may occur during your office removals Crawley, and we aim at moving your company safely, professionally and quickly. We are open to your business needs and offer an office removals during evening hours, weekends or on non-working days. We will move office furniture, work stations, equipment, safes, fireproof cabinets, etc. safely and as quickly as possible, so that your company stuff will reach the new location in a perfect condition allowing you to resume your operations as soon as on the day one. Overnight or weekend service offered by office movers Crawley are highly beneficial, as you leave one office on a certain business day, and enter the completely new office on the very next business day. Regardless of the size of your office and branch you're in, you will be provided with full support from the stage of planning. We have an extensive knowledge, know-how, technology and experience in commercial removals in Crawley, therefore we are able to do your office removals smoothly not only locally, but also abroad.

Not every office removals is associated with relocation. We address also the needs of customers who only want to make a minor reorganisation of their space or require an internal office move. We will manage dismantling furniture, disconnect equipment, including specialist as well as IT equipment, moving it within one building and reassembling and reconnecting them. Regardless of the size of such internal company removals, whether it is a move of an entire office or of selected pieces of furniture or equipment only, we know how to move office smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, if you require that we move for you only a few bulky pieces of furniture through narrow spaces, and do not want to do such a complicated task on your own, or do not have necessary workforce to do the heavy lifting, do not hesitate and hire professional office movers in Crawley In the case, there is not enough space to manoeuvre bulky objects, we will disassemble the item in current location, and reassemble it in the new one.

By choosing a complex office removals Crawley offer and letting us to manage the entire removal, you will not have to lift a finger. An team experienced in company removals will come to your office, dismantle, pack all the office furniture, as well as unpack them and assemble in the new location. We will take care of the heavy lifting so that you or your employees will not be engaged in carrying office chairs, desks, cabinets or safes which can prove to be quite heavy. We offer as much or as little assistance as you virtually need. Find the best option for your business! Cheapest removal companies in Crawley.

Documents moving and shredding in Crawley

We are aware that the more years a company operates, the more documents and miscellaneous papers it collects. Some of them need to be kept for a certain period for various purposes, be it legal, for reasons connected with pending or possible lawsuits, and many more. If you have plenty of binders with documents stored in your office, it is not always necessary to bring all of them to the new location. An office moving is a great time to analyse what is being stored and dispose of those documents which are no longer required. As long as such documentation may contain sensitive and confidential information, it is crucial to handle it properly, often in accordance with specific provisions of numerous norms. Office movers in Crawley are here to take stress off your shoulders and offer a professional and confidential document shredding in Crawley. You do not have to take time and prepare the documentation towering in your storage room in advance for document shredding, i.e. you can just put the entire binders into one place, and instruct our courier where to collect the documents from. It is our employees who will take care of removing papers from the pockets and getting rid of any metal elements in order to perform file shredding in Crawley area. Therefore, we offer a really comfortable and safe solution of professional documents shredding. Our reliable employees, years of experience, overlapping security procedures and high-quality equipment guarantee a complete confidentiality. Shredding of office documents is exercised with a due diligence, in a confidential manner and in accordance with highest safety standards.

Office furniture disposal in Crawley

Vast carton on pallet

Similarly to the documents, not every single piece of furniture or equipment is necessary at the new site. In the case you are downsizing office in Crawley, most probably you are not willing to squeeze everything in the new one, but to have a smaller yet neat and comfortable space. Moreover, if you are changing the location of your company, you may not wish to bring the old furniture that are sometimes worn and torn. We specialize in providing a cheap office furniture disposal in Crawley which is of high quality at the same time. We offer Crawley disposal and recycling of pieces of furniture and equipment you no longer need so that you do not have to search for the place where you can dispose them to or manage the lifting on your own. If you have a redundant desk, office chair, copier, etc. and you are not sure where you should deliver the items, we will sort this problem out for you. Disposal of fireproof cabinet, safe, printer or any other piece of equipment cannot be easier when using our disposal services in Crawley.

IT moving services in Crawley

Our services include also dealing with the most sensitive pieces of your office, i.e. IT equipment. We are absolutely aware that they are not only prone to damage but also constitute valuables that are expensive and that contain sensitive and crucial information. Any damage to such belongings caused by inappropriate handling may result in loss of data, which often means a loss to your business revenues. Let the professional IT movers in Crawley to handle the most difficult tasks for you. If your employees do not know how to disconnect and reconnect servers, computers, photocopiers, and other specialist equipment, our IT team has the necessary knowledge and experience to provide such service and oversee the process to make you sure the migration of technology and data is smooth and painless. Similarly to the rest of our offer, services of IT moving in Crawley are tailored to your individual needs. The most cost effective option is ordering with us packing and transportation of the computing equipment only. It means that your IT specialists or employees will be obliged to de-rack your servers and switches, etc. and then we will pack them safely and transport with their wires and associated racks, then unpack them at destination and give it back to your team members. The second option is also comprised of packing, transporting and unpacking the equipment, but is extended by the service of de-racking and re-racking of the servers pursuant to your rack plans. The most complex service of server relocation Crawley involves also de-commissioning and re-commissioning apart from the services mentioned above, so that no employee will have to take care of proper de-cabling and re-cabling of all wires.

Commercial relocation consist of:
  • free survey, advice and quote by a professional dedicated to office removals
  • providing advice as soon as at the stage of preparation of the removal
  • providing packaging materials
  • packing and unpacking IT and electronic equipment, as well as documents and files with the use of proper materials
  • disassembly and/or reassembly of furniture
  • loading and unloading the belongings on and off the vans
  • transportation of goods between the sites
  • arrangement of the new office space in accordance with the arrangement plans
  • providing insurance for the entrusted goods
  • document shredding
  • cleaning services for your old and new offices
  • internal office removals
  • disposal and recycling of redundant office furniture and equipment

We will take care of any type commercial moving you may require: be it warehouse moving, factory relocation or heavy machinery transportation. You can be sure that your industrial moving will be handled by people who know what they're doing.

Warehouse moving Crawley

Warehouse relocation is a cumbersome process due to the amount of stock and equipment and furnishings contained therein to be prepared for move. But not for us! Our experts assess the inventory and evaluate what kind of vehicles and how many of them will be needed to accommodate the pallets in a manner that is most cost-effective and safe for the goods. We also have the necessary equipment to facilitate the warehouse moving Crawley such as reach-trucks with often required white, non-marking tyres.

Factory relocation Crawley

No matter whether you plan to relocate a whole factory or a single production line, with us it can be a piece of cake. We are experts in factory relocation Crawley and employ specialist techniques which allow us to undertake technically complicated Crawley factory moving tasks on our own. We have an experience even in moving a production line whilst other ones remain in operation to minimise downtime.

Machinery moving Crawley

Regardless of the need of moving a single machine or an entire manufacturing plant, trust in experienced machinery movers in Crawley. If you are not sure how to move machine that weighs several tons, let us use our professional equipment and do it for you no matter how big the machine is. Thanks to our expertise, experience and specialist tools, we believe that there are no impossible things let us prove it also to you by undertaking you machinery moving in Crawley.

Customer Testimonials

My sincere thanks for your fast and terrific interest as to our office and machinery swap costs offer in Crawley.

Dale & Avis

My lab shifted barely selected things, for example: overhead projectors, Server unit, inkjet printers, file cabinets and two-drawer filing cabinets. Our partner company removals on 13-September-2013 happened extremely regularly.

Norbert & Novella

Professional cluster, reputable and persevering. Literally did everything to pacify the stress of freight to a minimal.

Mr. Weldon Rinaudo

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