Talking to Friends about Your Move

When you are moving home Crawley, one thing you will be faced with is the feeling of leaving your loved ones behind. It will definitely not be a good one no matter what you will be meeting in your new destination. So the issue of how to relate this information to your friends becomes the problem. We can say that technology has made it easy that we can always keep in touch when we move away from friends. But the experience of leaving them is actually one of the saddest and hardest ones in our lives. This is most especially when we are emotionally attached to them.

Friends help to moveYou have to start the process of relaying this information to your friends by first of all deciding on the most appropriate time to tell them. The reason why you should be careful about when to tell them is that you may have planned to move may be due to job offers or other things, only to have a last minute change of plan which means that you are staying back. In such circumstance, it will be very embarrassing and confusing to come back and tell them that you are no longer relocating. This is why you have to be double sure that the move is happening soonest before you tell them. Another thing you should know is that it is very bad not to tell them at all. You can’t just disappear all of a sudden without letting them know. Telling them will even make the preparation for the move easier, because they will offer some help and support. Just know the right time to tell them.

When you have decided that it is the right time to tell them, you can now sit down and figure out the people that should be told about the move and those to be ignored. Now, the fact remains that all your close friends have the right to know, by virtue of their friendship with you. You may also wish to tell some other distant friends that are close to you too. The fact is that it is not good for them to get the information from other sources since you are in good terms with them. You also have to decide whether to tell everyone at the same time or to tell them individually.  Now, depending on the context of the friendship, you may also want to employ the practice of telling one friend to tell others. This is when you are mutual friends, and when others will not mind being told by other friends, so far as they indicate that you are the person that instructed them to tell the others.

Another thing is for you to choose a good place where you will meet up with your friends and discuss your move. Now, if you have very emotional friends who you know will put up an embarrassing reaction like crying and weeping profusely, then you may want to do them the favor of telling them indoors and not in an open place where they will be seen by others crying. This may further spread the information beyond where you will like it to get to. You can get them to sit away from people in yards, under trees, in your place, in their place or any other place that is private enough for such.

When you are telling them, one more thing you should try and do is to be very honest with the information you give out. Try and tell them the exact thing that is happening, since you now have the clear information. You should go ahead and tell them the exact time this will happen and the exact place you are moving to, especially if you are moving overseas Crawley. It is very obvious that some of your friends will like to know the details of the move. So, since you have started telling them, complete the story. You may want to get the exact information of what to tell your friends from your family, if you are confused about it.

You may include information like how much you will miss them when you move away, what you expect from them like calling, prayers or coming to visit you or even to take care of your acquaintances that are left behind. You may also tell them about the good things you have discovered about the new place which you will enjoy with them when they visit you.

Celebrating with friendsWhen you talk, just expect the reactions. While some will react as if they are not bothered, others will be saddened. Just accept and accommodate all these reactions from them. You should also feel free to ask them how they feel about the information you just gave them. At this juncture, you should share your new phone numbers, social media contacts and addresses with those you trust. Email addresses and other means of contact should be exchanged too.

You should also send photos of your new pace for them so as to know how the place looks like. You may even start up a new trend, where you send all the exciting things like new recipes, sports and your favorite things and places to them from time to time. You should make the best of the last day before your move by spending it with them.

Not every aspect of telling your friends that you are moving out from your current property must be a sad one. Once your friends hear that you are in the process of moving houses, apart from obvious sad moments, they may surprise you with offering your help. This may be particularly nice, if you are the owner of a bigger house that still needs packing. A helping hand in packing can significantly speed up the very cumbersome process. Moreover, if you are hiring Crawley man with van services, having some help from friends may contribute to lowering your removal costs, as they may help you to load the van with your items.